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Doctor Who – Series Seven: The Darkest Doctor yet?

August 2, 2012 1 comment

With the promotional photo released early this morning and the new trailer made online later in the morning. There appears to be a serious tone that is running throughout the releases of Series 7 so far.

Since Steven Moffat took over as head show writer from Russell T. Davies at the start of Series Five, there has been a marked increase in the shows tone. Whereas RTD’s run on the show was far more basic and simple. Steven Moffat’s has seen the show become just as complex as the Doctor himself. Series Five was darker than all series previously and Series Six appeared to be darker than Series Five. Could Series Seven be the darkest of them all.

Running throughout the opening five shows, the viewer will always be aware that time is quite literally running out for Amy Pond and her husband Rory Williams. With both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill ready to depart the show and allow Matt Smith to run around with new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman it is allowing the darker side of the Doctor to become more apparent.

The Eleventh Doctor has always slightly differed from previous incarnations that underneath the madman in the box exterior, there is something quite sinister lying underneath. I’ve always viewed Matt Smith’s Doctor as someone who does not particulary like himself. It’s already been established by Amy Pond that the Doctor needs to travel with someone to keep him grounded unless the Oncoming Storm is unleashed.

There’s also something else that has been running through the show that appears to be building up with the show’s Seventh Series. The Doctor always appears to allow his enemies mercy. While this always shows the Doctor in a heroic light and a role model for others. You do have to wonder just how much he is willing to take. He saw his enemies unite to form an alliance with the only goal of stopping him and trapped him inside the Pandorica. Then you have the mysterious Silence. An organization intent on stopping the Doctor in the belief that he is going to end the universe, so intent that they kidnapped Amy, brainwashed her daughter Melody and turned her into the killing machine River Song. The Doctor may have mercy but I doubt he has unlimited amounts of it and surely it would only be a matter of time until he snapped.

So what would make him snap, judging from the promotional picture of Series Seven featuring the Doctor carrying Amy. Nothing would make the Doctor truly snap more than the death of his friend. We have already seen the Doctor at moments where his mercy left him. He slaughtered the children of the Racnoss, he attempted to change history by saving Adelaide Brooke. If one of the Doctor’s enemies managed to kill one of the Doctor’s companions, if the Doctor truly gave in to his anger. Just how much would he make the enemy suffer? how far would the Doctor fall? If the destiny of the Doctor is to someday to become the Valeyard, is this the path that would put him on course for that destiny.

Knowing Steven Moffat; the answers will not be what we expect, but also when the day comes for Amy and Rory to depart the TARDIS. I fully expect Moffat’s writing ability to make every viewer reach for the tissue box.

Dark days may indeed be coming.

Doctor Who 6×13: Series Finale Promotional Photos

September 28, 2011 1 comment

*SPOILER WARNING: This post contains Spoilers to the Final Episode of Doctor Who Series 6*

The BBC have issued a set of promotional photographs from the final episode of Doctor Who Series 6. 6×13: The Wedding of River Song airs Saturday 1st October at 7:05pm on BBC One and BBC One HD. It also airs the same day on the Canadian SPACE channel and on BBC America in the United States at 9pm/8c. It will air a week later at 7:30pm on ABC1 in Australia on Saturday 8th October.

3 days until his time runs out…

Is Amy Pond leaving Doctor Who?

September 17, 2011 28 comments


At the end of tonights episode of Doctor Who. The question was raised “what now for Amy and Rory?” and more importantly have they left the series? It would be very easily to look at the 6×11: The God Complex and look at them as the final episodes of Rory and Amy. It did give them a good exit from the series and some ends were tied up. But were they?

Its known that Karen Gillan had signed up for another series next year in 2012. This means that to some extent that Amy Pond would be returning in Series 7 in some form or the other. The question also arises as to how the character was written out from tonights episode. The Doctor lets her go because he doesn’t want to be the cause of her death or her to be hurt. You only have to look at the previous weeks 6×10: The Girl Who Waited and the Doctor’s expression right at the very end. His decisions have played a role in affecting her life. She was the girl who waited and she kept on waiting, because she placed her faith in the Doctor. But this raises a bigger concern. If the Doctor realises this, surely he knows that there is no way that he can take on another companion since that way he would only be doing to the next person exactly the same as he does to Amy. Since the Companion is a integral part of the show. It seems only way to resolve this is to resolve Amy.

Also the Doctor knows that he is going to die. What did he see in Room 11 of the Hotel. My guess is that he either saw River Song or even more likely he saw the Impossible Astronaut waiting for him at Lake Silencio. He is going off to face his end and he believes he is going to die. if he is going to die then he wants to make sure that the people closest to him (Rory and Amy) are protected. That way he can meet his end knowing that the people he cares about are safe.

There’s even a more sinister reason behind this. Whoever they are, the Silence are still out there. plotting the downfall of the Doctor and they more than likely know what is going to happen at Lake Silencio. The Doctor has already made it clear that the people closest to him are the most vulnerable as well. The Silence may even now be looking at Amy and Rory and seeing that the Doctor has left them alone and unprotected. Perhaps the Doctor is even aware of this and however dark it may be, he may be using Amy and Rory as bait to bring the Silence out from the shadows.

Finally there’s the practical way of looking at this. When Billie Piper announced she was leaving Doctor Who it was plastered everywhere in every outlet of media. This has had nothing. This leads me to the conclusion that nothing is what it seems. A rule I have generally developed more and more with Steven Moffat. This could all be a red herring, to distract us from the true plot. None of us saw the Doctor’s death coming at the beginning of 6×01: The Impossible Astronaut. Somehow there is more to this story than has yet been revealed.

UPDATE: It has been mentioned previously on this site and on others that both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are returning next year in Series 7. Although it is still unclear in what capacity.

UPDATE 2: The Doctor Who News website has included photo’s from yesterdays recording of the Doctor Who 2011 Christmas Special. The filming was at the home of Rory and Amy and featured both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill appearing for filming. It may just be a cameo appearance in the Christmas special but it definitely means that they haven’t been completely written out of the series.

6×01: The Impossible Astronaut

April 24, 2011 2 comments

24 hours after the original airing of the opening episode of Series 6. “The Impossible Astronaut” opened the Sixth Series of Doctor Who with a bang. I’ve gone to great lengths to avoid giving out spoilers in the last 24 hours to those who live outside the UK and also those who have not seen the actual episode. So be warned, there be spoilers ahead and anyone who has not seen the opening episode should read ahead at their own risk. That said, lets begin with those opening moments of the show itself.

The episode and very literally the season itself opens with a bang. After glimpses of the Doctor playing around in Georgian England and aiding in the escape from a World War 2 tunnel. The Episode begins with Amy, Rory and River receiving blue letters telling them to head for Utah, America. There they meet a now 1108 year old Doctor who informs them that the time has come for him to stop running. He then encounters an Astronaut who then proceeds to kill him before he can complete his regeneration. This is just in the opening 15 minutes themselves and already the scene is set for the sixth series itself.

Now it would be very easy to say that this is just Moffat going for bigger, better and more mind trips but this is what Moffat does best and continues to remind me why he was the right choice to replace RTD as the head writer of the show. Moffat may have the tendency to lean on his old tropes, using methods such as perception, corner of your eye and time paradoxes but he does them with such quality writing that his work is most often among the best. His monsters are often those who are genuinely granted to scare children. They tap into the most raw fear and that is the one based on perception and the unknown. The Daleks are just over-sized pepper pots, the Cybermen are just men in tin foil and so many other aliens. That is not to say they are bad, the Daleks are still so iconic of Doctor Who that to remove them completely would almost be like removing the Blue police box. More that Moffat just knows how to scare and he uses that skill so well.

No more so is this more evident than in the first appearance of the Silence. An alien race who you forget about once you look away from them. This is like the Weeping Angels except with the fear dial stuck in extreme. The Weeping Angels work based on perception. you have to keep looking at them to keep them still. In the Silence, just looking at them won’t help you and if you look away, you forget about them completely. The Silence are very obviously the same silence that was hinted at throughout the Fifth Series and the ever-present “Silence will Fall” prophecy. Were the Silence responsible for destroying the TARDIS in “The Pandorica Opens”  it’s very likely they were and as for their intended goal. Well Moffat is keeping those cards close to his chest and he definitely intends on using the Silence to scare us in the meantime.

Of course, it would be foolish to look over the return of River Song, still played by Alex Kingston and for the first time I truly warmed to her character. I like her, and upon viewing of “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead” it’s very easy to now look at River’s journey. In fact she hints at her own future when she will look into the Doctor’s eyes and realise he doesn’t recognise her. As to who River is? I have no theories on that one, except that the names Amy Pond and River Song have started sending red flags in my head. Something about River and Pond, just leads me to think that there is some kind of connection between these two characters.

Amy continues to grow as her own character and Karen Gillan’s acting as she tries to bring the Doctor back to life was easily her best work yet. The fact that she is incredibly attractive, a red-head and has a Scottish accent has always made her stand out but now its great to see her own acting talent truly come into its own and prove that she’s more than there to be the show’s eye candy. Even if she is damn good eye candy. As for Amy’s pregnancy, honestly when i saw River giving the same reaction after her encounter with the Silence. I got the impression that there was far more to this pregnancy than is to be believed and it will obviously play out over the coming months.

Arthur Davill still remains a great actor who plays the clueless Rory Pond with such charm that it makes his character so likeable. The theory’s about “a good man will die” seemed to indicate that Rory would be facing his own mortality. However given that the Doctor now faces his own end of days, Rory remains the every-man. Probably the character that most people can associate with. He’s earned his place in the TARDIS and yet he still feels like the newcomer and the one learning it all.

Finally we come to Matt Smith, where would we be without his superb acting? This season looks to be Matt Smith’s best work. Matt Smith proved he could handle the role right from day one and his work in “The Impossible Astronaut” was great. His Doctor feels like the same character that has been played by so many other actors and yet it feels like he’s brought his own unique personality to the role. He can move from deadly serious, to screwball crazy and then heartbreaking endearing in one line and he still remains the best choice to replace David Tennant’s still much missed Tenth Doctor.

So where do we go from here. It’s very obvious that not all of the questions from this episode are going to be resolved by next weeks episode. In fact given how we know that there is a 2 part World War 2 episode coming up. I am inclined to believe that the brief glimpses of the Doctor in the opening 5 minutes are the Doctor’s progression during this series so that ultimately by the final episode of this series. We shall know who the Doctor is running from, why he has decided to stop running and more importantly who was underneath that astronaut helmet and killed him.

Is the Doctor dead? not a chance, knowing that there is no way that the BBC would be willing to end the series nor that the Doctor will truly die makes it difficult to see how Steven Moffat will write his way out of this one. Mind you, this was the same thing i thought at the end of “The Pandorica Opens” with the Doctor sealed away, Amy killed by Rory, the TARDIS exploding and all of reality coming to an end. My only hope is that Moffat comes with a way of writing the Doctor out of this one on the scale of “The Big Bang” and not RTD’s much maligned “Last of the Time Lords

As for the Silence, they almost certainly will be back. I am really looking forward to finding out their goals, i often get the impression that they not only know of the Doctor. But that they also know of the Time Lords and their plans are far bigger than just conquering the Earth. They certainly have a plan and i don’t know how the Doctor will be able to stop them. Of course though, the BBC America promo’s have been running with the phrase “Trust your Doctor” and so far i haven’t seen any reason to stop trusting him just yet.

They’re Watching You

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Ever had that feeling that your being watched. That eyes are observing your every move and that very possibly in the corner of your eye. something exists that shouldn’t be there. Of course you can look for it all you want.

But of course, look away and then you forget all about it.

Silence will Fall…

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They’re already here

April 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Think they were stuck in 1969… think again.

they are already here, you just forgot about them.

Silence Will Fall in 2 Days

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Silence will Fall

April 6, 2011 2 comments

This post is merely in theory and based upon my assumptions of what the Silence are. while it could be said that it contains SPOILERS for Series Six. For the most part i’ve avoided viewing spoilers or details about Season 6.

Since the beginning of Season 5, A threat made by Prisoner Zero during 5×01: The Eleventh Hour has been ringing in the ears. “The Doctor doesn’t know. The Pandorica will open, Silence will Fall.” Then several episodes later, the Pandorica does indeed open and as such Silence does fall across the universe… or does it. The Pandorica was indeed a trap for the Doctor and his enemies formed a alliance to trap him after believing that the TARDIS would bring about the end of the universe. Of course by doing this, they created the very event they were trying to prevent, the TARDIS was destroyed. creating the cracks in time and space. Existence faded and it wasn’t until the last moment that the Doctor jump started The Big Bang and returned all existence to normality. At the end of 5×13: The Big Bang the Doctor himself muses who could have been responsible for causing the destruction of the TARDIS.

It is said that the Silence have been plotting for a very long time, possibly since the beginning of time and from how they were responsible for their attempt to destroy the TARDIS we can learn a few things.

1: The Silence know of the Time Lords and their technology. This was confirmed through the 2011 trailer for Series Six when the Silence mutters “Fear me, i have killed hundreds of Time Lords.” to which the Doctor replies “Fear me, i killed them all” This means that not only did the Silence know of the Time Lords, Gallifrey and very likely the Doctor. Its very likely they also know of the Time War and did not play a part in it. The result of the Time War however, may have played factors into their favor.

2: The Silence are old, very old. The Time Lords are ancient and they believed the Pandorica to be a myth. It therefore stands to reason that the Silence may be as old as the Time Lords themselves. Possibly even older than them.

3: The Silence have a plan. The TARDIS’ destruction was part of a plan. They didn’t do it for shits and giggles. They knew what they were doing and how to go about it. This means they have a intended goal. That goal may have been the end of all existence and the universe.

From all of these things, my theory on the Silence is this.

The Silence are not only incredibly old, they may be a form of life that existed before the Big Bang. Before the Universe existed, there was only the Silence. no planets, no life, nothing. Nothing to make a noise, be heard or be seen. The Big Bang comes along, the Silence are suddenly and violently knocked off their high perch in existence and have to deal with the chaos in their once ordered domain. An infinite number of planets all generating life and noise. To the Silence, this annoyed them. They had to be removed. Enter the Time Lords, the first of the races in the universe to arrive on the scene. They fought the Silence and the Time Lords won. The Silence were cast out, destroyed or believed extinct and no longer a threat. Except they did survive. For centuries they waited, paitently biding their time waiting for the right moment to strike.

Along comes the Time War and shifts the scales considerably. The only race, capable of holding the Silence back, the only race capable of defeating them. The Time Lords are gone. Except one, one last Time Lord and his TARDIS. The Silence have fought the Time Lords before and they know of their TARDIS. They come up with a plan to bring the universe back to their order. By using the destruction of a TARDIS they can reset the universe into what was once theirs. A existence of silence. To do this, they needed to stop the Doctor. It is very likely that either through chance or their direct manipulation the enemies of the Doctor  captured him and sealed him away in the Pandorica. Giving the Silence the chance to take control of the TARDIS and bring about their plan. For a moment it did indeed succeed. The TARDIS was destroyed, the cracks in the universe erased most of the universe, taking out the stars in the sky and silence fell across the universe.

This plan did not come to fruition though since the Doctor was able to restart the universe and prevent their plan from succeeding. However the Silence are very likely now continuing with their plan. They will need to work fast. The Doctor very likely knows of them or at least suspects since he now believes that someone tampered with his TARDIS. Since the Silence are very old, its likely they have contingency plans as well. They may have known that their plan may fail and as such had other methods to continue towards their goal which means that they very likely also have a plan to deal with the Doctor as well.

New Photos, Torchwood Trailer and other goodies.

April 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Matt Smith has spoken in a interview about the new series. Be warned SPOILERS lay ahead.

The Press Pack for the new series has been released and in it, Matt Smith – alias the Doctor – reveals what lies in store for the Time Lord and his fellow TARDIS travellers in 2011, and why the Fez is no longer his favourite hat…

“I think The Silence are one of the greatest monsters of recent years and certainly one of the scariest,” reveals Matt Smith.“They’re also very clever and I love the fact they’ve been silently working since the dawn of time to make The Doctor come unstuck.”

Matt is talking about the new breed of monster which viewers will be introduced to in the opening two episodes of the series. He is remaining tight-lipped about what viewers can expect but he does offer some insights into the story arc for this series.“Steven has a grand plan and some of the seeds he planted in the last series start coming to fruition and affecting the characters in drastic ways,” explains Matt.“Every character is faced with the most seismic and high-stakes choices we’ve seen so far.”

Opening the new series is a special two-part story penned by Steven Moffat and set in America, marking the first time in its history that an episode of Doctor Who has been filmed there. The cast spent three days in the desert in Utah but that didn’t stop hardcore Doctor Who fans from tracking them down. “It was very strange,” laughs Matt.“We were in the middle of the desert and suddenly there was a lady with a campervan and deck chair, holding an iPad up with a moving screen which read ‘autograph please!’. I mean how on earth she knew we were in the middle of the desert I have no idea, but it certainly proved her dedication to the show!

“The landscape was incredible,” continues Matt, “and I think being in America, filming in that terrain, has definitely added a sense of scale and a filmic quality to this series of Doctor Who. It was an amazing experience and a brilliant laugh. I have to confess that I think the Stetson has been my favourite hat for the Doctor so far, 100%. Viewers may well see more of the Stetson later in the series but I couldn’t possibly reveal when…”

Alex Kingston joined Matt, Karen and Arthur in Utah to reprise her role as River Song and Matt admits it was great to have her back. “I’m very fond of Alex and I simply love the part of River Song because it makes the Doctor come unstuck; she’s the one person in the world who knows more than him. I think Steven has written some really revelatory stuff about the character and she’s extremely important to this series…” teases Matt.

“We’ve also been incredibly lucky to welcome a number of fantastic guest stars including Hugh Bonneville, Suranne Jones and Lily Cole. James Corden also returns later in the series” reveals Matt.“I’ve admired so many people who have been involved and all of them have brought a touch of quality.”

Matt also has high praise for his fellow co stars, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. “I think with Rory, Arthur has perfectly judged the humour and he’s got some fantastic storylines with Karen. I do think that Amy and Rory now being married has changed the dynamic in the TARDIS and in many ways it’s the Doctor who is perhaps the odd one out,” explains Matt.“However, Karen and Arthur are hilarious and together we are always mucking around between takes and telling silly jokes to annoy each other!”

Matt also reveals that his clumsy reputation is still fully justified!“I was chatting away to someone the other day on set and I had my hand on a lamp stand. Little did I know that as I was leaning it was actually turning and suddenly it came crashing down on my head!”

Perhaps it was lucky for the rest of the cast then that Matt wasn’t tasked with any sword fighting in episode 3 which is set on a pirate ship.“It was 4am and we had four huge rain machines making us soaking wet but we all loved it. Karen had to do the sword fighting though,”chuckles Matt.“I just had to walk round and act clever in the background!”

from the official Doctor Who website.

More new photos have been released for Doctor Who Series Six

from Blogtor Who

A very early version of a new Trailer of Torchwood: Miracle Day has found its way to the internet as well.

also my thanks to Tardis Console News for the heads up.


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