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Doctor Who Series Six DVD Pre-Orders

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The release date for Series Six on DVD and Blu-Ray has been pencilled in as 11th July 2011. Pre-Orders are being taken at (DVD and Blu Ray) The (DVD and Blu Ray) and (DVD and Blu Ray). Be warned though, the descriptions of the DVD’s do contain spoilers to the first 7 episodes of Series 6.

Source: Doctor Who News, Tardis Console News and the Doctor Who Combom Blog

Torchwood: Miracle Day Teaser Trailer

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Following on from all the trailers of Doctor Who Series Six, the first teaser trailer has begun appearing for Torchwood: Miracle Day. As with all teaser trailers it doesn’t offer much other than a quick explanation what the overall story of Miracle Day is going to be about.

Source and my thanks to Tardis Console News for the video and first breaking the news.

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Torchwood Music, Australian Air Date for Series Six and other goodies.

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The BBC Torchwood Twitter feed has announced that Murray Gold will be returning to score the music to the fourth series of Torchwood currently called Torchwood: Miracle Day. Murray Gold wrote the music to the first two series of Torchwood with Ben Foster along with the Torchwood Theme.

The Australian TV channel ABC1 has announced that they will begin airing the first episode of Series 6 “The Impossible Astronaut” on Saturday 30th April at 7:30pm.

ABC TV has scheduled the new series of Doctor Who to screen Saturdays at 7.30pm on ABC1, which we believe is the best slot to reach the family audience. (We are) not able to broadcast Doctor Who until after it screens in the UK. So, in anticipation that the BBC will launch the new series over Easter in the UK, we have scheduled the series to start the following weekend.

Source: Doctor Who News

Also in the states, posters have begun appearing for the launch of the new Doctor Who series. My thanks to the Doctor Who Combom blog


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