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Steven Moffat Confirms new companion for Doctor Who

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In the last 30 minutes Steven Moffat via the Official Doctor Who Magazine Twitter account has confirmed that the next series of Doctor Who will feature a new companion. although Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have all confirmed their return for Series 7. Its been unclear in which capacity. The characters may indeed be returning but might not be in all 13 episodes of Series 7. The announcement was made at the Special Preview for 6×08: Lets Kill Hitler that was held tonight and attended by cast and crew. here’s some of what has been revealed.

Oh, and a new companion! Yes, confirmed by @steven_moffat tonight! ;)

More references to older Who eps to come. “It’s what I do instead of fun” says Steven.”

More dark sides of the Doctor to come” says Steven. “But he’s still fundamentally a nice man.”

Preview clips of rest of season include a Dalek! “It’s almost like I lie sometimes!” says Steven.

The twitter posts can be read here, here, here and here

Doctor Who 6×08: Lets Kill Hitler Prequel

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As previously announced. The BBC have released the new prequel episode to the start of Series 6 Part 2. Set inbetween 6×07: A Good man goes to war and 6×08: Let’s Kill Hitler. The Special is written by Steven Moffat. Doctor Who will return on August 27th on BBC One, BBC One HD and BBC America in the United States. It will then air on 3rd September in Australia on UKTV.

The Doctor returns in 12 days

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