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Holy Terror, Frank Miller

Every now and then i’ll be looking away from the world of Doctor Who (especially since the TV series is now off the air) to take a look at other things that manage to gain my interest. On this occasion, its the controversial comic book Holy Terror by Frank Miller.

Having just subjected my eyes to one of the most flat out controversial comic books printed. Frank Miller’s Holy Terror is a piece of anti-Islamic propaganda that at times its almost felt like its been produced by some far out nutcase.
When you consider though that the nutcase in question is the Comic Book genius behind books like Sin City, 300, Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns. You begin to question just where Frank Miller just went completely off the rails. Ever since the All Star Batman & Robin fiasco (from which the phrase “i’m the god-damn Batman” entered the public consciousness) was released so many years back. Its look like Frank Miller is determined to offend just about every one. Without a doubt Holy Terror does certainly manage to offend.
Originally the book was titled ‘Holy Terror, Batman!‘ and it was going to feature the Dark Knight fighting terrorists and suicide bombers in Gotham City. However during its long run in comic book production hell. Miller decided to alter it away from the Batman mythos and altered the characters. However if you read it, then it becomes incredibly clear what the characters and situations are based upon.
Aside from the completely incendiary religous implications. The comic book is a complete and total trainwreck. It’s badly drawn and even worse is the plotting. at points it becomes incredibly difficult to follow and most of all because the characters are versions of characters from the Batman comics it starts becoming insulting. Normally i would prefer to point out something that points out that it isn’t all that bad, that there is something in it that makes it worth your time to read. but there isn’t, its just one long horrific accident thats unfolding in front of your eyes.
There are some comics that are so bad that they become good. This isn’t one of them. This comic book is bad. simply put, its horrendously bad and its the sort of book i wish i could have removed from my brain and my eyes cleaned for having to be subjected to such a trainwreck.
Frank Miller should have stopped when he was on a roll with his best titles. Its almost like he’s decided he wants to offend everyone with his work. Whenever this idea came to him, someone should have said to him “Seriously, you can’t think of anything better to write?”

If you want to read better books that have a more positive message. Then read J. Michael Straczynski’s Amazing Spider-Man #36 (The Black Issue) or the range of books that were released by Marvel and DC following 9/11. They are not only books that are better written, and drawn with some of the best in the business but overall have a far more positive message.

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