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The Sun’s false Doctor Who article

The British Newspaper Website The Sun is currently featuring a article called “Doctor Who’s Christmas Confidential Canned” Unfortunately the article appears to be filled with errors. According to a tweet by Daniel Tostevin, a writer for the Doctor Who magazine, the article is completely false…

The Sun have taken a thing I wrote, added a made-up number and ‘source’, and turned it into a news story. Amazing.

Not only did they added made up details. Somehow according to the Sun, Doctor Who Confidential is hosted by Alistair Sooke. Which is odd since recent episodes of Doctor Who Confidential were narrated by Russell Tovey.

Far more likely is the Sun are just merely printing a non-news story, adding “sources” and “industry experts” in the attempt to make it more interesting and rise the anger of those who dislike the BBC. Even more likely is that parts of a Confidential episode were filmed but it was cancelled before it could be completed and there wasn’t enough content to fill a complete episode.  A theory backed up by Daniel Tostevin in a further tweet.

Producer says “ep we filmed”, not “finished” or “produced”. I think the cancellation came before it would’ve gone into post production.

Even more likely is the content is being shelved, possibly to be added as a feature for a later DVD release.

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  1. January 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Doctor Who is such a great programme, I really can’t wait for the next series this autumn, Thanks!

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