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REVIEW: Ultimate Spider-Man

Having finally been convinced to watch the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes tv series (which I am still watching and still enjoying). I took a break from all things Avengers to watch Ultimate Spider-Man. The latest entry by Marvel Animated to adapt the Spider-Man comic books. The series is slightly adapted from the Ultimate line of Marvel Comic Books.
There may be some wondering how this series will fit in now that there is a different Ultimate Spider-Man comic book on the shelves. Well, having not really read any of the Ultimate books since Ultimatum finished. It’s kind of hard to give an answer, the best thing is to just enjoy the series as it is. Ultimate Spider-Man often feels like a series where the creators have paid too much attention to Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is not to say that the show is wrong or is ripping off ideas from another great show. More that what made Avatar work so well is the story that was well blended with characters, comedy and situations. Ultimate Spider-Man certainly has some of those elements, but it doesn’t pull them off as well as Avatar did. By the end of the second episode it had made me feel like I was watching a updated version of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.The addition of SHIELD, Nick Fury and especially Agent Coulson (who is voiced by the actual Agent Coulson himself Clark Gregg) gives the series a strong foundation and allows to keep it grounded.
There’s a lot about Ultimate Spider-Man that I like. I like its comedy, i like the way its been developed. It doesn’t feel like just another cartoon adaptation of Spider-Man. It’s not brilliant. It’s not as good as Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and its certainly not on the same level as Batman: The Animated Series. It’s not perfect, it’s not amazing. But on this occasion, that will do. Sometimes there’s nothing better than a show that doesn’t try hard and doesn’t aim low. Ultimate Spider-Man fits just in the middle nicely and thats more than enough reasons for me to continue giving the show a try.

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