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Doctor Who fans should vote in Britain’s Got Talent? No thanks.

First things first, I don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent. I’ve never watched it. It’s stupid tv that has only been produced to either massage the ego of super-cock Simon Cowell or have people appear on tv who quite frankly should be on the darwin award list.

So when Amanda Holden, a “celebrity judge” for Britain’s Got Talent says on TV that all Doctor Who fans should be voting for that twat who put a saucepan on his head and muttered exterminate. I should be voting for him. Except I won’t. Not only because my vote would only go and line the pockets of Cowell and the useless TV station ITV. I also don’t see why I should vote for someone who in my own opinion makes the Doctor Who fandom look like a right bunch of useless idiots.

There is a fine line between being a fan of a tv show and being far too obsessed with a tv show. I saw Saturday’s show after being informed that I “should” watch it because of the Dalek twat. I was also told that I should vote for him. I didn’t vote, the only thing I did was facepalmed.

Going on TV, putting a saucepan on your head and singing a song to a Dalek is not talent. Steven Moffat has talent, Matt Smith has talent, Karen Gillan has talent, David Tennat has talent, Murray Gold has talent and Nicholas Briggs has talent in spades.

Just because its Doctor Who doesn’t deserve automatic votes. I’m well aware that people won’t agree with my opinion. I’ll probably get a load of hate-mail as well. Don’t care, talent is something that should be rewarded and shared. Not something done for personal fame or as an excuse to be on tv.

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