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REVIEW: Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol and why this is one mission you should choose to accept

I’m not a Tom Cruise fan, I often try to avoid his films. I avoided Knight & Day, suffered through War of the Worlds and facepalmed at Valkyrie. However, if there are any of his films I do enjoy watching. It would have to be the Mission Impossible series of films. So, last night I finally got the chance to view the fourth entry in the MI movies with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.
The Mission Impossible movie series are obviously based upon the old tv series starring Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and Peter Graves and tell the story of the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) and how they tackle dictators, terrorists and various threats to the world. One of the unique characteristics of each film entry is that each film has its own style brought along by each films director. Brian DePalma’s Mission Impossible film was probably the closest to the source material and having a heavy emphasis on storyline. Despite being criticised for turning the tv character Jim Phelps into a villain (something which disgusted most of the main cast of the TV series), the first film was still enjoyable. The Second film was directed by John Woo who made Mission Impossible 2 with his own signature such as dual wielding guns and doves. The film was far more heavier on action scenes and had a easier to follow plotline but still just as enjoyable as the first film. This was then followed by the third entry with J.J Abrams’ Mission Impossible 3 which was more of a mix between the first and second films with a slightly heavier plotline. Each film has its own style and each film is its own story with a very loose story thread running through each film.
Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol was directed by The Incredibles Brad Bird with J.J. Abrams producing. The film includes some very unique stunts with Tom Cruise providing his own stunts as he climbed the Burj Hotel in Dubai. While I may dislike Tom Cruise, I do have to give huge amounts of respect to him for doing this stunt sequence where most films would either feature computer generated characters or a stuntman with a tom cruise wig. Along for the ride in this entry is the always great Simon Pegg and rising star Jeremy Renner. When Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was originally released, I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I mostly believed that Mission Impossible 3 had rounded things off and there was no need to continue. However, as the film was released, i gradually heard more and more people heap praise upon it. I also at this time had no idea who Jeremy Renner is and it wasn’t until viewing The Avengers two weeks ago that I noticed just how good a actor he is. Impressed by his Hawkeye, I decided to give Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol a go.
Like i’ve said before numerous times, i don’t like Tom Cruise. I often find his films all the same and he always ends up playing similar characters. However on this occasion I am definitely in the wrong. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is without a doubt probably the best entry in the Mission Impossible film series and it not only proves me wrong, but it also re-energizes the film series. After finishing the film, I found myself hoping that there would be a fifth film. I know Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg are already on board. I know Jeremy Renner might be busy with Hawkeye and the Marvel films for now but I also hope he will return. The film contained numerous twists, turns and spectacles that kept me entertained throughout and most enjoyable of all, some of the twists I didn’t see coming. In a day where most films are spoiled online, it was incredibly enjoyable to find myself second guessing characters throughout and having a storyline that wasn’t too challenging but still kept you guessing.

The only complaint I would have for this film is the use of models as actors. In the film model Lea Seydoux as the French Assassin. She’s about as threatening as a wet towel and I just didn’t buy her as a credible villain. I don’t understand why Hollywood continues to cast models in films as actors in substantial roles. If they can act, then i’m all for it. I’m sure they could have cast other actresses who would have done a better role.

I wouldn’t call it up there with other recent films such as Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows or The Avengers. But it is a film that is still hugely enjoyable and is great fun for a saturday evening movie or just a film to watch when you want to avoid all the musical/twiglight twaddle that is surrounding the films at the moment.

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