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Who is Jenna-Louise Coleman?

The Official Doctor Who twitter feed have just tweeted the following

History has been made! A new era begins! Jenna-Louise Coleman has just completed her first #DoctorWho read-through. One word. Brilliant!

Since there’s still a long wait until Season 7 commences and an even longer wait until Jenna-Louise Coleman makes her first appearance in Doctor Who (she is currently scheduled to appear in this years Christmas Special, after Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill’s final appearance in 7×05). I can’t help but start thinking of the new character they will soon be introducing.

In the past, when Karen Gillan, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman and Billie Piper were all announced as the Doctor’s companions. It was usually followed by some announcement regarding the character’s name, background and storyline. Except in the case of Jenna-Louise Coleman, ever since her initial introduction in the announcement made 2 months ago. There has been complete silence coming from the production team of Doctor Who.

This can only lead me to think that there is a reason as to why they’ve remained on the silent side (pun not intended). It may be possible that not only is Coleman’s character unique to previous companions but there may also be something familiar to her character as well.

One of the theories I’ve heard mentioned is that she is going to be a regenerated Romana or another Time Lord (while I think it’s unlikely, I do think that it’s time the Time Lords made a return to Doctor Who full-time). The fact that Moffat has hinted that the Doctor would “make a new friend in the unlikeliest place imaginable” (or something along those lines) leads me to believe that as always, the Grand Moff has a plan or some trick up his sleeve.

This is all just speculation, but I do know that the Moff most often tends to think things ahead. You could almost say that Moffat has been building up events of his Doctor Who run as far back as the Fourth Series and River Song’s first appearance, or even before then with Series 3’s Blink.

Regardless, the fact that the Production team have remained quiet leads me to think that they are not only planning something special for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, but also planning something very unique and very big.

The wait for 7×01 just keeps getting longer and longer.

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