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REVIEW: Iron Sky

At the beginning of the year I was made aware of a forthcoming film that was being produced by Germany, Finland and Australia. Now that might seem weird enough, at least I thought so until I found out what was in the films story.

The film is Iron Sky and it tells the story of a group of Germans who after fleeing the Earth in 1945, they made their home on the Dark Side of the Moon. Now if you think that is ridiculous enough, then I won’t even bother with President Sarah Palin, the American space battleship USS George W Bush and so many other things.

With all this mix of the weird and batshit crazy. You would think that this film would be bloody awful. The kind of awful that is up there with SkyCaptain & the World of Tomorrow (which I did think was pretty good until after the first 15 minutes and then it nose-dived from there). However approaching the film with the view that I was not about to watch a lesson in film-making / story telling master class. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I did end up enjoying the film.

It certainly won’t take away any BAFTA or Oscar awards, but it does have something that a lot of the time is lacking in the vast majority of hollywood blockbusters that are pushed out in front of the consumer every year. Iron Sky has spirit. It reminds me a lot of the old 50’s Sci Fi B movies. When Special Effects weren’t brilliant but what they did have was imagination. Iron Sky is a lot like this. In fact it often felt like I was watching an old 50’s B movie updated with state of the art special effects.

Which leads me to the next thing, the Special Effects. In a 50’s B Movie the special effects were always laughable. In Iron Sky they are incredibly good. I don’t mean good, i mean really, really good. During the film the special effects really fit with the way out-there plotline.

On top of that, it also has an incredibly good message laying underneath it. It doesn’t jump out, grab you by the neck shouting “LOOK AT ME!” Instead it does it in a way that you are aware of it. From the addition of Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator and Renate slowly learning the truth behind the Nazi party which she has been a member of all her life. There is some great storytelling behind all the madness and lunacy of the film.

So then, to summarise. The film is not brilliant, it’s laughable and it’s got a plot premise so stupid that you’d think it was conceived by a 5-year-old. Yet despite all of these things, the film truly delivers an enjoyable experience. It won’t be the best film you see this year. But if you do see it, you’ll certainly be glad that you did.

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