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REVIEW: Gears of War 3

Recently my XBox 360 after 6 years of good service finally gave up the fight and succumbed to the Red Ring of Death. At the time I was only planning on getting a new Xbox until later in the year for at the time I was only looking at the month of October (due to the release of Resident Evil 6 and Assassin’s Creed 3) for getting a new one. Nostalgia soon played a role and about a month after my Xbox 360 giving up I changed my mind and decided to get a new one (mostly from my desire to return to the world of Skyrim).
Rather than rushing out and getting the first Xbox console I could get my hands on, I decided to wait and look for deals (I was intending on getting one from ASDA however that plan was soon up the khyber when it turned out that there was an error in their pricing). In the end I decided to get my new Xbox from PC World. Not only because of the good price but also because it came with Gears of War 3 bundled in the package.
Gears of War 3 was released towards the end of the last year but I hadn’t really given it much notice mostly because it was coming out at a crowded release schedule in the same time frame as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3 and Skyrim. My finances would only stretch so far in that month and I decided to let Gears of War 3 pass on by.
I’ve never really been a huge Gears fan. I like the overall campaign storyline going on throughout all 3 games. However the Gears series had begun to suffer from the same problems that had begun afflicting the Call of Duty franchise. Not in that the Gear series had carried on using the game engine as Call of Duty had. But in that the Gears series had progressed with very little change. Now make no mistake the first Gears of War game was incredibly good. It had been one of the reasons for buying my first Xbox 360 game console so many years ago. The cover method, 3rd person shooter and unique co-op online feature made the game incredibly fun. But that’s where it stops. When Gears of War 2 came along, I bought it expecting something new and was left feeling slightly under-whelmed when the game was still exactly the same as the first Gears game.
Having completed Gears of War 3 it’s still very much the same. There are some small unique changes but for the most part it’s still the same game package and despite the games incredible storyline it still feels incredibly claustrophobic in what you can do and limits the games capabilities. The online feature is slightly upgraded with 4 player online co-op and Horde makes the typical return along with its alternate Beast mode. But it’s still more of the same. Whereas Uncharted, Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect increased their game playability incredibly with unique online play which kept me playing long after completing the games single player. With Gears of War 3, after completing the games single player. The disc was not long after back in the case and on the cabinet shelf collecting dust with my copies of Gears of War and Gears of War 2.
As much as I hated Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, it still had the Call of Duty Elite feature which connected to the games online MP and gave something different. Gears of War feels like so much of an opportunity wasted. It is still very much fun and I had a lot of fun playing the Single Player, but when those game credits roll. It’s very much the end of any interest in the game for me.
So then to sum up the Gears of War series, I’ll do so this way.
Gears of War: good, fun and unique
Gears of War 2: meh, more of the same.
Gears of War 3: did they even bother doing anything new?

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