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REVIEW: Max Payne 3

This morning I finally got around to completing Max Payne 3. A game that I hadn’t really paid much attention to. As mentioned in one of my previous reviews. I had recently purchased a new Xbox 360 games console and in doing so wanted a new game to go with it. Max Payne 3 had recently been released and a few friends had stated that it was good. So that was my choice made for me and they were honestly right in their opinion about the game.
I had played the original Max Payne game when it was released years ago for the PlayStation 2. I had never got round to playing Max Payne 2 and while i enjoyed the original game. I was left a bit unsure about how the new game was being produced by Rockstar game and not the original developers. Rockstar are a games company that doesn’t need any introduction. They are responsible for the titan gaming behemoth that is Grand Theft Auto but also developed Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire. LA Noire I loved tremendously despite it being incredibly frustrating trying to pin a crime on someone and Red Dead Redemption I never completed, but that was mostly down to living out a 10-year-old dream of being in a western.
Typically when a new games developer takes over a product by someone else, it is usually followed by alarm bells in my head. Most often the new game developer fails to capture something that the original had and you’re left with a product that is only connected in name and not spirit. Max Payne 3 is very different in that Rockstar had obviously paid attention to the concept of the original games and kept what worked. On top of that Rockstar worked their magic by featuring the game technology that had wowed me in LA Noire’s facial expressions.
Of course Max Payne 3 isn’t absolutely perfect. The game’s storyline is incredibly in-depth and if I had to point out one flaw in the game it would be that the game cut scenes can be quite long in length and sometimes leave the player slightly detached from the gaming process. However this isn’t a huge game breaking flaw. The game’s story is so strong that you do begin to feel for the characters and the plight of Max Payne. The drinking effects and on title subtitles are a little bit jarring at first but gradually it begins to flow with the storyline and sooner or later you’re looking at characters talking and trying to guess which comments will appear on-screen.
The biggest compliment I can pay to the game is that the game’s single player storyline took me around the same amount of time to complete as did Gears of War 3. By using Raptr i was surprised to notice the similarities in the two, but this is the only similarity. While Gears of War 3’s storyline is forgettable. The storyline in Max Payne 3 feels incredibly layered, detailed and well structured. So much so that I would not have believed that both games had been completed in the same amount of time. Max Payne 3 felt as if it had been far longer.
I guess this is the difference between Rockstar Games and Epic Games. One makes Epic Games and the other one calls themselves Epic.

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