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REVIEW: Act of Valor

Act of Valor is an incredibly unique film. Some have claimed it to be a piece of propaganda for the united states and its military. others called it unrealistic. Whatever way it is labeled, the film is still incredibly unique. The unique aspect comes from its cast being made up of actual serving US Navy SEALS. This isn’t a film where the cast is put into a boot camp for a few weeks or months. This is actual SEALS who have had years of training and experience. Obviously as such, their acting skills aren’t brilliant but when they do show what they know. It makes for incredibly realistic action scenes.
Personally I enjoyed the film. I found it incredibly enjoyable and it has to have the moments of gravity which bring it down to earth. Some claim it to be a propaganda film. In fact I would view the film as being almost like a documentary showing SEALS at their best. Propaganda films are only used for one inherent purpose and that’s to control the flow of information. Act of Valor neither limits the flow of information nor does it falsify it. It’s a film for those who are interested in seeing how the US Military works. How it handles situations that we only hear about on News Coverage. As another reviewer has stated.

Most of the time, I would probably think that those who are complaining about the film have probably spent far too much time playing Call of Duty and forgotten that soldiers are not bullet sponges. You can’t just hide in cover for a few seconds and wait for your health to recover. If i were to compare it to any game, I would say that Act of Valor probably has far more in common with EA’s Medal of Honor game. Not only because both concepts deal with similar operating units but they also do so in a way that feels incredibly realistic.
Act of Valor is an incredibly good film. If you go and see it thinking that you’re about to witness a piece of film making history or the birth of a new trend in movie making. Then you’re obviously going to leave the film disappointed. However if you go and see it with an open mind. Wanting to see a film that was done by the actual soldiers and not some actors pretending to be soldiers. Then you’ll leave the film knowing that you’ll have spent the previous 2 hours in the company of some damn heroes. Even if I am British, there is nothing more worthwhile than watching someone, of whatever country they are from, serving their country. It deserves more than just respect. It deserves being noticed and accepted.

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