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Diana Rigg to appear in Doctor Who Series 7

July 2, 2012 3 comments

The BBC have confirmed that Diana Rigg will be appearing in Doctor Who Series 7. She will also be appearing with her daughter Rachel Stirling in a episode that is written by Mark Gatiss. Dame Diana Rigg is obviously famous for her appearance as Emma Peel in the Avengers and in the James Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Meanwhile her daughter Rachel Stirling has appeared in the BBC TV Series Tipping the Velvet and the recent film Snow White and the Huntsman.

Mother and daughter Dame Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling will star in the new series of #DoctorWho! Steven Moffat said ‘Dame Diana Rigg, Rachael Stirling and a Mark Gatiss script – a combination of talents you could only get in Doctor Who!’ Rachael Stirling said, ‘Mark Gatiss has written a gift of a script and an on-screen relationship between Ma and I that is truly delicious.’


The Official Doctor Who website and the Doctor Who News website has more details and quotes.


July 2, 2012 2 comments

One of the joys of having Netflix is that occasionally it gets added with films that either passed me by or I simply didn’t get the chance to view them. One such film was released last year and called very simply Drive. The film stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, Bryan Cranston and Christina Hendricks. The film is very incredibly simple and that is its strongest point. It has a plot that is incredibly well put together. Above all else though, what sticks out is the music and the cinematography. The choice of the film’s soundtrack has been incredibly well put together.
The film often feels like something produced 20 years ago, its violence is incredibly strong in parts. Far stronger than in films of the age it feels like. What Drive is above anything else is somewhat similar to what Inception represents. It presents a very simple idea and it allows the cast, music, scenery and story to back that idea up. Each actor gives an incredible performance in their roles. This was however the first Ryan Gosling film I had seen and was impressed at how he was able to carry the role while remaining silent. Even the character’s name is never revealed and I actually didn’t notice this fact until the film had ended. A name is not always necessary for a character and Drive is a prime example of this. It’s just simply not needed and it aids the character incredibly well.
Of other note are Carey Mulligan who goes on to prove what Doctor Who fans saw in her in Series 3’s nightmare fueled “Blink”. While I often wish Sally Sparrow would make a return appearance, it probably won’t happen. For now at least. Mulligan continues to impress with her acting ability and show why she is in high demand. She’s a great actress, incredibly watchable and while she may not return to Doctor Who. It is reassuring to see her doing so well. Bryan Cranston is another stand out. The man has always managed to confound me. I first saw him in Malcolm in the Middle, playing a character completely different to who he is in this film. If i do mention Cranston though, I obviously have to include his role in Breaking Bad. The man is an actor on the levels that very few seem to achieve. He can seemingly play any role shaking off the curse of being typecast and let the character he is playing speak for himself.
To sum it all up then, Drive is an incredible film. It’s car chase scenes are incredibly well done. I had hoped that there would be more but given the amount of quality that is present throughout the rest of the film, I am not left disappointed. So often I watch a film that others say is really good only to find out it is a turkey. So to watch a film others say is really good and then find out for myself it is really good is very refreshing.
Drive is a remarkable film. It is the film that is great for an evening viewing. But more importantly it is a film that is great just for triumph of film-making.


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