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Proud Father is Olympics Finest Hour

I  had thought the Opening Ceremony was going to be the finest hour of the Olympic Games. The fact that the opening ceremony saw a very brief appearance of a Type 40 Time and Space Module with its brakes left on only  made that decision apparently final.

Roll on to the Monday and when I saw the Men’s Gymnastics British Team finish their event with a Bronze medal. The first time a British Men’s Gymnastics team had been in a team final event since 1924 and the first time they had meddalled in 1912. The celebrations and reactions of Louis Smith, Daniel Purvis, Max Whitlock, Kristian Thomas and Sam Oldham were brilliant to see. This was followed on the Tuesday by seeing the British Women’s Gymnastics team finishing in 6th place. No small feat since this is a sport dominated by the USA (who were absolutely amazing), Russia, China and Romania. Through all of that you had Jennifer Pinches flashing the Nerdfighter salute and proving that the Great British womens team didn’t need to #DFTBA, they already were awesome.

All of that paled in comparison though to a interview held last night on BBC One. In the video, which can be seen here, Bert Le Clos is interviewed by the BBC’s Clare Balding and talks with him about his son Chad Le Clos who had just won the Gold medal, beating Michael Phelps by hundreths of a second.  It’s a video that any parent would enjoy seeing. Despite his pigeon english, it is very clear that this is one proud father and it made the celebrations even more enjoyable and it beats any moment I had seen in the Olympics so far. Its more than just simple achievement, more than just records being made or beating anyone. It’s just simply one father who is proud of son.

This has of course all been made possible by the absolutely legendary work being done by the BBC in providing a great service and showing every event live. I’ve seen the comments about NBC which would frankly just drive me insane. How on Earth NBC can tape delay events of the Olympics is beyond me, especially in a age where information and media can be shared  in lightning fast times.

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