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Doctor Who – Series Seven: The Darkest Doctor yet?

With the promotional photo released early this morning and the new trailer made online later in the morning. There appears to be a serious tone that is running throughout the releases of Series 7 so far.

Since Steven Moffat took over as head show writer from Russell T. Davies at the start of Series Five, there has been a marked increase in the shows tone. Whereas RTD’s run on the show was far more basic and simple. Steven Moffat’s has seen the show become just as complex as the Doctor himself. Series Five was darker than all series previously and Series Six appeared to be darker than Series Five. Could Series Seven be the darkest of them all.

Running throughout the opening five shows, the viewer will always be aware that time is quite literally running out for Amy Pond and her husband Rory Williams. With both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill ready to depart the show and allow Matt Smith to run around with new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman it is allowing the darker side of the Doctor to become more apparent.

The Eleventh Doctor has always slightly differed from previous incarnations that underneath the madman in the box exterior, there is something quite sinister lying underneath. I’ve always viewed Matt Smith’s Doctor as someone who does not particulary like himself. It’s already been established by Amy Pond that the Doctor needs to travel with someone to keep him grounded unless the Oncoming Storm is unleashed.

There’s also something else that has been running through the show that appears to be building up with the show’s Seventh Series. The Doctor always appears to allow his enemies mercy. While this always shows the Doctor in a heroic light and a role model for others. You do have to wonder just how much he is willing to take. He saw his enemies unite to form an alliance with the only goal of stopping him and trapped him inside the Pandorica. Then you have the mysterious Silence. An organization intent on stopping the Doctor in the belief that he is going to end the universe, so intent that they kidnapped Amy, brainwashed her daughter Melody and turned her into the killing machine River Song. The Doctor may have mercy but I doubt he has unlimited amounts of it and surely it would only be a matter of time until he snapped.

So what would make him snap, judging from the promotional picture of Series Seven featuring the Doctor carrying Amy. Nothing would make the Doctor truly snap more than the death of his friend. We have already seen the Doctor at moments where his mercy left him. He slaughtered the children of the Racnoss, he attempted to change history by saving Adelaide Brooke. If one of the Doctor’s enemies managed to kill one of the Doctor’s companions, if the Doctor truly gave in to his anger. Just how much would he make the enemy suffer? how far would the Doctor fall? If the destiny of the Doctor is to someday to become the Valeyard, is this the path that would put him on course for that destiny.

Knowing Steven Moffat; the answers will not be what we expect, but also when the day comes for Amy and Rory to depart the TARDIS. I fully expect Moffat’s writing ability to make every viewer reach for the tissue box.

Dark days may indeed be coming.

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