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Mass Effect 3 DLC: Leviathan

First of all before anything else. This article will include spoilers regarding the end of Mass Effect 3. So for those who are still yet to complete the game. It may be better if you don’t read the following and wait until the game has been completed.

BioWare announced recently the next DLC pack for their game Mass Effect 3. this is their second story DLC package to be released after a series of DLC packs which was aimed at the games multiplayer option. It also follows on from the controversial “From Ashes” DLC package that was released on the games release.

Personally I enjoyed “From Ashes”, while it doesn’t add much to the game in terms of content. For those who enjoy the backstory regarding Mass Effect then the DLC package is very close to an essential purchase since it provides the physical introduction of the much talked about Protheans. I didn’t like the fact that the package had to be paid for on first day but I saw this mostly as the fault of EA and not BioWare itself.

Leviathan will be something completely different. The story in the DLC is set inbetween Mass Effect 3. Apparently the story of the DLC package is that it will revolve around a ‘Rogue Reaper’ . I’m hoping that the story of Leviathan will enable to add something incredibly big to the war asset fleet. The Krogan have a saying “Seek the enemy of my enemy and you will find a friend” Admittedly we have a similar saying of our own. The potential however of having the addition of a Reaper into the Crucible Fleet possibly could have huge consequences.

In the long run, one lone rogue Reaper wouldn’t make much of a difference against the combined might of the Reapers themselves. But in the Battle for Earth the addition of Leviathan may be enough to tip the scale. It’s my hope that this could also affect the games ending.

With the Destroy ending and a good galactic readiness it is possible to see Shepard taking a breath in the ruins of London. It’s always been wondered how Shepard got there. Maybe Leviathan in one final act of defiance against the Reapers brought Shepard from the Citadel to the Earth. The Extended Ending cleared up lots of possible queries that I had with the games original ending. It’s my hope that Leviathan will bring more understanding to the games conclusion. This is not to say that I think Mass Effect 3’s ending needs further clarification. I still think it didn’t need a extended ending. A ending works best when you have to question what you see, not when you are given the answers you expect. However it affects the game, Leviathan will certainly bring more fun and enjoyment to the BioWare game series that still stands as my favourite game series ever.

Mass Effect 3: Leviathan will be released in Summer 2012. It will cost 800MS Points.

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